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Earn while providing liquidity
You can stake LP tokens to farm RON. RON is the ecosystem token for the Ronin blockchain. Its main purpose is to secure the network.

Acquiring LP Tokens

To start farming RON, you will need to have LP Tokens in your wallet. You can obtain LP tokens by providing liquidity. Refer to Pool to learn how to do so.

Start Farming: Stake LP Token

First, go the the Katana Farm page. The direct link to the page is https://katana.roninchain.com/#/farm.
On the page, click on the expand (arrow down) button to reveal token pair menus and information.
If you have not interacted with the LP token before, you will need to approve the token.
Click Approve to allow Katana to use your tokens. When Ronin wallet appears, click on Confirm.
A blue banner will appear on the top left meaning the transaction was completed. Now you can start staking your LP tokens and start farming RON!
On the token pair panel, you can see how many tokens you have staked and how many are available in your wallet.
Click on Stake.
The Stake LP Tokens pop-up will appear.
Fill in the amount you wish to stake. You may also click on max to stake all the tokens you have available. Next, click on Stake.
Ronin wallet window will appear, click Confirm.
Once the transaction is completed, a blue banner will appear on the top right of your screen.
The Claimable Rewards section within the pair token panel will now appear. You will be able to claim WRON at a later date.
Congratulation, you are now farming RON!

Stop Farming: Unstake LP Tokens

To stop farming, you'll need to unstake the LP tokens that are currently staked. Note that you will stop receiving RON proportionate to how much LP tokens you unstake.
On Katana Farm page, click on expand panel (arrow down) icon, and click on Unstake.
Unstake LP tokens will pop-up, fill in the amount of LP tokens you wish to unstake, and click on the Unstake button.
Ronin wallet will appear for confirmation, click on Confirm.
When the transaction in completed on the blockchain, a blue banner will appear on top left of the screen.
You will also see your total LP token staked and available in wallet will be reflective of the changes you made.
Your have now unstaked your LP tokens and stopped farming RON.

Video Guide for Farm

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